Whether fanless systems, actively cooled systems or 19" rack systems: with our BEGits, we offer you individually tailored IPC solutions depending on the project and its requirements, which we manufacture exclusively for your product line. Customers with ambitious demands on industrial computers motivate us to achieve top performance.

Are you interested in one of our IPC solutions? You can contact us personally for an initial consultation. We look forward to supporting you in your project and working with you to develop a tailor-made and economical solution.

ArcticLine – fanless systems

Looking for a compact, fanless and thus completely maintenance-free embedded system? The BEGits from ArcticLine will surely meet your requirements. Depending on the requirements, the basic structure of the ArcticLine can be individually configured from the Intel Atom® performance class to high-performance expandable systems with the latest-generation Intel® Core™ processors.


BOXline - actively cooled systems

Do you need an actively cooled industrial PC with high reliability and excellent processing power? Then our actively cooled BEGits are the right choice for you. Ideal for integration into your control cabinet, even in harsh environmental conditions. Configurable as required with different power supplies, from compact to systems with 7 free slots for a wide variety of requirements.


RackLine - 19" Rack Systems

The robust 19" computer systems from 1U to 4U are based on a BEG housing. As a result, these housing concepts can be easily modified economically, even for smaller quantities. These BEGits are the optimal solution for a configuration with many expansion cards. Ideal for GPU-intensive artificial intelligence (AI) applications paired with dual-processor systems.


CustomLine - individual systems

Depending on your project and its requirements, we use the CustomLine to develop individually adapted IPCs for you, which also go beyond the construction of our lines. From the housing and the system components to the connections, these BEGits are completely individually configurable. Powerful, durable, designed exclusively for your requirements and unique in the product line developed for you.


Additional services

Would you like contract manufacturing, do you need suitable accessories for your project or do you want to expand your system with additional components? No problem, you will find our additional services here.


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