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We have been producing and distributing innovative and individually tailored industrial PCs, called BEGits, worldwide for over 40 years. In production, our focus is always on the basic principles of innovation and sustainability, as well as customer benefits and satisfaction. All our actions always fulfil the high requirements of our BEG standards.


From the idea to the final product

BEGits – an industrial-PC designed exclusively for your requirements? For us this is a self-evident standard. Before each new project, we always check the requirements of our customers and develop together the optimally designed solution for the specific industries and areas of application. We accompany you from the idea to the implementation phase and successful realization of the project. In other words, our commitment is always more than expected.

Performance cycle
Quality & Service

The BEG-Standards

Industrial PCs must provide maximum performance under the most adverse conditions, so the expectations of our customers and the requirements on our BEGits are correspondingly high. Our BEG standards are designed to meet – and exceed – these expectations and requirements.



Sustainable by conviction

Everyone is talking about sustainability. Ecological, economical, and social sustainability are not only a necessity, but also a matter of personal importance. You can find out here how we fulfil these duties and tasks in the particular areas.


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