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We are the leading manufacturer for industrial PC solutions

When BEG Bürkle was founded as a family business in 1983, plug-in PC cards were still our main business. Today, with 30 employees, we are the leading manufacturer of high-quality industrial PCs, made in Germany. 

We have been producing and distributing innovative and individually tailored industrial PCs, called BEGits, worldwide for over 40 years. In production, our focus is always on the basic principles of innovation and sustainability, as well as customer benefits and satisfaction. All our actions always fulfil the high requirements of our BEG standards.

You know what you want, we know what you need!

Thanks to our extensive experience in managing a wide variety of projects, we can always offer our customers the best solution for their requirements. We appreciate the trust of our customers, because even a slightly higher investment in our BEGits proves to be the best and most economical long-term solution.

We are very proud of this service, during which we provide our customers with advice and assistance throughout the entire development and life cycle of our BEGits. Our partners get always more than expected – typically BEG.

Quality made in Germany

As a part of system development, our BEGits undergo comprehensive quality assurance measures. Boot behaviour, extreme temperatures, EMC, safety, shock, vibration and noise emissions are tested in detail, resulting in an extremely low return rate.

Thanks to our high quality requirements, we can ensure that the system requirements, defined together with our customers, function smoothly, and only industrial PCs of the highest quality are delivered. All authorisations and certifications according to CE, UL, FCC, CSA, BIS and EAC are standard for us.

  • Product development process
  • Mechanical construction (3D CAD SolidWorks)
  • System concept for x86-based devices
  • Microsoft Windows embedded operating system
  • Implementation of different cooling concepts

Designed for long-term performance

Our successful and cooperative partnership with our customers is based on more than 40 years of experience in the industrial PC business. In combination with a great deal of sense, expertise and technical finesse, this enables us to cooperate on the same level.

Our customers expect individual and innovative industrial PC solutions from us so that they can realise their demanding projects. We meet these expectations with our BEGits. Each requirement has its own challenges and peculiarities, which are included in our solutions. That way, we always give you the optimal industrial PC.

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