Your expectations are high – our standards even higher

Industrial PCs must provide maximum performance under the most adverse conditions, so the expectations of our customers and the requirements on our BEGits are correspondingly high. Our BEG standards are designed to meet – and exceed – these expectations and requirements.

Standard in the conception of BEGits


Series delivery

We typically collaborate on the basis of a framework order. This enables us to achieve price stability and high supply capability combined with short delivery times.

Incoming goods inspection and inspection for all delivered goods

Additional quality inspection:

  • For all drawing parts or critical components in each predefined sample
  • For each delivery lot
  • 100% for initial samples at the start of a series production
  • Through serial number entry using ERP for all serial number-managed components

Production process

  • Devices are merged in economically and procedurally reasonable batch sizes. Each device is given a unique serial number in order to achieve clear traceability for the elementary individual components (traceability).
  • Initial operation to check whether the computer boots or everything works at first glance. If the result is positive, the installation of the test software continues.
  • With the 24-hour burn-in test at a maximum permissible operating temperature (50°C), we pre-age 100% of all BEGits so that early failures, which are standard for electronic components, occur in-house. This guarantees that our BEGits perform smoothly for our customers and their customers.

In conjunction with extensive testing software, the hardware undergoes intensive testing and, if the test is 100% successful, a test report is finally created. This includes the following components:

  • Processor/CPU (CPU load test, stress test, cache test for L2 and L3 CPU cache, FPU, MMX, SSE, AVX etc.)
  • Mainboard (PCI bus, CMOS RAM/real-time clock, hardware monitoring)
  • Memory/RAM test (7 different memory tests, SPD EEPROM information for the RAM modules)
  • Hard disk tests (mechanical test & access time, fast read benchmark, read test with instruction duration analysis, write test, SSD SMART and NVMe SMART and many more)
  • Graphics cards (test images, memory tests, 3D benchmark, GPU computer stress test, GPU calculation benchmark, graphics card stress test)
  • Speaker/sound (audio input and output)
  • Interfaces such as USB in all common speeds (1.1 to 3.x), COM (232&485) and LPT

Electrical safety testing

The legally required measurements according to the EC Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC are carried out and logged for all AC devices.

Final inspection

We perform visual, mechanical and electrical inspections, and we check whether all defined tests have been carried out. In addition, we check the customer-specific image installations and, if necessary, optional customer-specific tests are carried out in order to simulate the customer installation in-house.

Development process

Standard in the development process

When developing our BEGits, we either proceed according to specifications or develop a system concept with component selection. When selecting components, we pay attention to a sustainable system concept that is available in the long term, which ensures an extremely robust and reliable computer. This ensures minimal change effort, combined with long-term image compatibility.

EOL management


Every type of computer is given its own article number. The corresponding specific bill of materials is treated as the property of our customers. Changes are only made after consultation. Upcoming changes are communicated to our customers promptly. The existing framework agreements will still be fulfilled without the upcoming amendment.

24/7 standard


The systems are designed for continuous operation: 24/7/365. A warranty is possible only if we take this into account when selecting components. A system is only as good as its weakest element.

Operating temperature of our devices 0° to 50°C


Standard IT components are only designed for an operating temperature of up to 35°C. We use components that are designed for significantly higher temperatures in order to safely reach the 50°C limit. Of course, we also pay attention to the fans.

Mechanical construction (3D CAD system)


If required, we develop extremely robust housings so that we do not have to make any compromises with regard to mechanics: we keep the housing geometry constant for many years, which means that the latest devices can be used for series production as well as in the field of service without much effort. Modifications, labelling and expansions of drives/interfaces are technically and economically feasible. We also define specific cables up to optimised power supply harnesses (length and connections).

Digital computer documentation


The digital computer documentation is available anywhere, anytime, and consists of a quality passport including an acceptance protocol and serial number receipt.

Extensive verification and testing phase


CE certificate of conformity

Standard consisting of the EMC Directive (electromagnetic compatibility), which is most commonly assumed for our devices, the Low Voltage Directive, which also regulates the mandatory existence of a user manual, and also the RoHS Directive (REACH included).


CSA approval incl. quarterly factory inspection "on site" based on the IEC’s CB scheme.

Shocks and vibrations/packaging and drop test

This test is conducted in order to check the robustness and security of our BEGits.

Thermal system tests

They are used to check or optimise the cooling concept, combined with a correspondingly high system load (GPU, CPU, etc.).

Platform approval

Extensive compatibility tests and boot tests for key components such as the board, memory, CPU and power supply take place for all permissible operating states.

Sound emissions

Measurement or reduction to a minimum for whisper-quiet, actively ventilated computers.

Default Bios settings

The BIOS settings and the BIOS versions that are defined for the customer are frozen during development or completion to ensure that nothing changes and no surprises occur during series production. Of course, customer-specific boot logos and BIOS PWD protection are also part of the repertoire.

General standards

General standards

Service & support

Experienced employees ensure that our customers receive fast and uncomplicated assistance. During our opening hours, you can rely on the full technical competence and helpfulness of all our employees.

Different additional requirements for the shipment of our products

We have a warehouse to ensure short-term availability. We pay attention to pendulum packaging in order to avoid unnecessary waste as far as possible. Our parcel and logistics service providers ensure affordable, undamaged and punctual transport. We also use customer packaging on request.

Warehouse in Singapore

We have our own logistics hub in Singapore in order to be able to handle large-volume projects in Asia.

DIN ISO 9001:2015 certification

Since the beginning of 2023, we have been certified for our existing quality management system according to DIN ISO 14001.