BEGits - BEG Industry Tailored Solutions

What exactly are BEGits and what makes them so outstanding?
Thanks to over 40 years of experience, we are very familiar with the industry. BEGits (BEG Industry Tailored Solutions) are customized industrial PCs perfectly tailored to specific requirements. Customized in this context also means exclusive, as your BEGit is a unique product line. We give you the optimal solution with a consistent level of quality and performance – in every single product.

Performance cycle

From the idea to the final product

BEGits – an industrial-PC designed exclusively for your requirements? For us this is a self-evident standard. Before each new project, we always check the requirements of our customers and develop together the optimally designed solution for the specific industries and areas of application. We accompany you from the idea to the implementation phase and successful realization of the project. In other words, our commitment is always more than expected.


You need a powerful industrial PC that exactly meets all of your requirements, and you need a partner with many years of experience.


After you have contacted us, we analyse your requirements and develop an economically and technically convincing solution proposal according to your wishes.

Concept development

We develop an initial selection of components for the corresponding housing concept, refine the schedule via NRE to take into account possible series prices and device specifications, and carry out performance tests with the first sample components.


During this stage, we set the selected predefined components and receive the first prototype.

Verification and test phase

On the basis of the prototype, we examine the predefined features and specifications. The BEGits are tested thoroughly in your units and a revision takes place based on the results of this review.

Demand-oriented assembly

In order to identify and eliminate even smaller optimisations, we start with the pilot series. 


Through our customers, our BEGits are distributed across the globe for worldwide use.

Total Cost of Ownership

Our focus: economical and sustainable solutions

The investment in an individually tailored IPC Solution can be slightly higher, but the customer-specific solution pays for itself within a very short time. With our BEGits, your expenses, in terms of series production and product maintenance, can be drastically reduced.



Global sourcing with excellent contacts. Risk reduction for highly complex supply chains and yet interesting conditions.



The devices offer maximum reliability, even under extreme use.


Technical support/repair

BEG provides support in all areas. The detailed electronic computer documentation including individual serial numbers at component level can be very helpful for our customers. 



You can rely on our products. We are so convinced of the quality of our products that we grant a warranty of 24 months.



A high level of customer orientation paired with incredible helpfulness, which is also present internally, ensures that many customer wishes are fulfilled.


Upgrades/system configuration

The key components are developed according to BEG’s specifications and requirements. Devices are designed in such a way that upgrades are possible and the concepts can be manufactured unchanged over several device generations.


Requirements analysis

It is a matter of great importance for BEG to understand the customer’s requirements in order to offer the best quality/price ratio in conjunction with effective and seamless integration into the customer’s infrastructure and logistics.



We pull the strings not only during the development phase but also during series production, and maintain active EOL management. 

Your direct contact to us

You are interested in our IPC-Solutions or you need an IPC system individually tailored to your needs?
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