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When we talk about sustainability, it is very important to do justice to all aspects of this topic. Everyone is talking about sustainability. Ecological, economical, and social sustainability are not only a necessity, but also a matter of personal importance. You can find out here how we fulfil these duties and tasks in each particular area.

Ecological sustainability

Packaging and shipping

Whenever possible, we use reusable packaging for our products in order to minimise waste. All our parcels are shipped in a CO2-neutral manner. Well-known logistics service providers support us in achieving our environmental goals with rational transport planning and the use of climate-friendly means of transport. They offer holistic green value-added services to reduce costs and CO2 emissions and create supply chains with long-term sustainability.


We pay attention to waste separation and recycling. Our systems are designed in such a way that dismantling and utilisation, especially for the reuse and material recovery of old equipment, are taken into account and facilitated. We are listed in the stiftung elektro-altgeräte register (EAR) under WEEE Reg. No. 35274739.

Green energy

We have installed a powerful photovoltaic system on the roof of our facility. The electricity we require in addition to this is exclusively green electricity. We are also gradually converting our vehicle fleet to alternative transmission systems.

Long life

All of our devices are designed for the longest possible service life. This both makes our customers’ investments as sustainable and economical as possible for them and also reduces electronic waste. We also offer a repair service for our devices for a period of up to 10 years after delivery.

Certificate ISO 9001:2015

Social sustainability

Diversity and equal opportunities in the team

People of different ages, with different experiences and CVs work at BEG. Beginners are just as welcomed as experienced professionals. We reject discrimination on the basis of gender, ethnic or social background, sexual orientation or other legally protected characteristics!

Donations and sponsoring

Healthy children have many wishes, sick children only one – to get well. We donate to and help people in need because we want to bring happiness to those who may not have many reasons to smile. We try to bring joy and perhaps make someone smile, as even the longest journey begins with the first step.

Economical sustainability

Development of durable products

We attach great importance to the development of long-lasting systems that perform their service failure-free for many years. It is also important to us to ensure that the systems are delivered to the customer unchanged over long periods of time. This reduces the customer’s maintenance costs for the purchased product while also reducing the necessary approvals and change effort to a minimum.

TCO: economical and sustainable

If you look at the total cost of ownership (TCO) for our BEGits not only the cost of the original purchase, but also the total cost of the product or service over the entire period of use – a slightly higher investment quickly pays for itself. We only use components with long-term availability and high reliability, thus enabling sustainable and economical use.



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